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Tim Kennedy’s Secrets to Success



Dramatic moments have a way of finding Kennedy. He twice fought for a world championship. He’s been awarded the Bronze Star (with valor). In 2013, he headlined a UFC card held at Fort Campbell, KY. In front of a raucous all-Army crowd, he knocked out his Brazilian opponent in the first round. Still, his life has not been built by instances of drama but quiet moments of discipline.

“Millions of little decisions contribute to a disciplined lifestyle, and this disciplined lifestyle is the sweetest experience you can ever have,” he says. “In me is a quitter. Today I was doing 30-seconds-on, 30-off sprints on the Airdyne. The quitter surfaced and said, ‘No one is here. You can be done.’ I was like, ‘I know you. You can kiss my ass.’”

It’s not just weight room discipline that’s contributed to his success. He drove his last car until it fell apart at 400,000 miles. He bought a truck with cash and plans to drive that into the ground, too. When he was fighting in the UFC and cashing checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars, he lived off his Army E-6 salary, about 40 grand a year.

“I took all that money and invested it into companies. Now things are pretty cool,” he says. “And guess what? I’m still disciplined about my money.”

Kennedy is currently excited about a new military team forming in Texas. He won’t give details, but he describes it as “the most incredible opportunity to fight evil.” The organization is searching for a way to determine who will lead the elite cadre, and Kennedy gave it his thoughts.

“I told them to figure out a way to measure who can do the most work, put it in an assessment format, and test us. I don’t care if it is shooting, fighting, PT, writing reports, or mission planning. Take the most important elements of the job and see who can do the best and the hardest work. That is your guy. If I am not the one who can do the most, I surely do not want the job,” he says.

But does he like his chances in such a test?

“I will destroy anybody.”

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